Teaching Philosophy


My teaching philosophy is based off the belief that each student is an individual with learning styles and needs all their own.  I believe that by looking at the individual and differentiating my teaching in a variety of ways I can help each student have a successful year of growth and build a love of learning.

At the beginning of the year I work to create a safe, comfortable, accepting environment for my students. We work as a team throughout the year and build an inviting community around us.

As the year progresses our academic goals become more understood and we are able to build on the knowledge that each student already has.  We will begin organized instruction that will include lots of interactive student participation, group work and center rotations.  Student participation leads to understanding and accepting of the material.  Group work  helps the students work as a team and work on their problem solving skills and center rotations are a great way to differentiate student learning.

By the end of the year I want my students to leave my classroom with a love of learning.  My goal for them is that they have made a year’s worth of growth and are ready to achieve great things in 1st grade.